Business innovation health checks

These diagnostic and assessments service can vary from quick scans to in-depth analysis of your organization or business initiatives. We distinguish several types of business innovation health checks

  • Innovation portfolio/pipeline. The 4x4 innovation matrix is the starting point of this assessment. The outcome provides you a better insight on the distribution of your innovation initiatives across the different types of innovation and recommendation on how to optimize and balance your portfolio. It also provides you a common language and frame for your organization.
  • Venture Diagnostic. Assessing the business model, ‘age’, progress and risks of an individual new business initiative (including the people/team/culture aspects and the innovation governance around the venture). The assessment report will also include recommendations. As a follow-up we can assist you during implementation of the recommended steps.
  • Effectuation. The five principles of effectuation are the starting point of this assessment. How effectual is your current organization and which areas of application for effectuation can be identified in your company? Is your organization ready for building new mountains?

We can also conduct tailor-made assessments, addressing your specific needs.

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