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Who is Fred van Ommen?

Dr. Fred van Ommen is founder and CEO of the Bizz Innovation Group. Before, he worked as Senior Vice President Innovation in Philips reporting to the Board of Management. In his career he developed from Research and Development expert to an all-round general manager, who has led several large businesses to success (including M&A and partnerships). As CEO for the LCD activities in Philips he reduced the development time and cost of organization by 50% and successfully transferred the product technology to a new joint venture (start of LG Philips LCD collaboration). Next, as CEO of the MR imaging business in Philips Healthcare, he doubled the market share of this business. As SVP Innovation and Strategist Philips Corporate Technologies he developed a cross-functional innovation strategy (and new innovation governance), including R&D, Marketing and Supply Chain Management and Incubation/Venturing. He introduced end-user driven and open innovation and developed the concept of granularity of innovation (4x4 innovation matrix), which is not only implemented by Philips but also by other large companies (e.g. DSM). During his time at Corporate Technologies he also supported, trained and coached many ventures being a Corporate Bell Mason fellow.

Fred van Ommen has a strong drive to realize success together with other people.  He is able to think outside the box and support people in finding new alternatives and exploring hidden opportunities. One of his strengths is connecting people, creating new networks. Although he is a strong analytical and conceptual person, he is able to put a concept into action and results.  He is able to combine the helicopter view (‘doing the right things’) with the details needed for ‘doing the things right’. And above all, he has a sense of humor.


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