Innovation concepts

The Bizz innovation Group has developed methodologies that will help you managing your innovation more effectively. If you have to deal with a dynamic and unpredictable environment  and you want to achieve sustainable, profitable  growth, our concepts can support you in designing the future logic of your company as well as in defining and implementing the actions required to get there.

Innovation with a dynamic and unpredictable environment has become a jungle with variety of innovation species  (granularity of innovation)  and CEO’s get lost in this jungle since they do not have a map to guide them. We have developed such a map: the  4x4 innovation matrix whereby different areas represent different types of innovations, requiring different approaches. With this map the innovation jungle becomes more manageable.

Another key factor in innovation is scalability. When developing a new market one needs to be able to scale from a single product to a product family based on a common platform. Building mountains represents this process which makes the difference between staying a small niche business or creating successful growth.

Granularity of Innovation
Right priority setting and balanced portfolio
Building Mountains
Sound innovation foundation to grow your business
Today's Innovators Dilemma
The world is changing rapidly