Building mountains

How to climb and build mountains?

We live in a world where we cannot predict the future anymore and where complexity is an integral part of life.  Many companies are looking for new growth opportunities, i.e. new mountains. To avoid that your new initiatives become fleeting hypes with no impact, you need to create a strong foundation: your platform.

In existing markets the mountain is already there and you as mountaineer need to find the fastest way to the top. You need to check whether the foundation of the mountain is not affected by erosion and how scalable and flexible your platform is, enabling you to scale your business.

However your new business development initiatives will require building new mountains. Therefore you need to change the behavior of people who are predictable irrational. With your passion you need to find your first visionary customers/partners who are willing to co-create together with you the first layer of your mountain (early yes’s). The way of working is a disciplined experiment with many iterations: ‘fail fast and cheap’

Granularity of Innovation
Right priority setting and balanced portfolio
Today's Innovators Dilemma
The world is changing rapidly 

The Bizz Innovation Group can support you in climbing your existing mountains faster and make them higher. We can also assist you in designing and building your new mountains, starting with creating a strong foundation/platform.